Shipping Infectious and Biological Substances - Video Course (by Safety Lady, LLC) (Online Course)

Terry Jo Gile, MT(ASCP)MA Ed

This program is desgined to provide you with the information you need to safely and legally ship infectious and biological substances. The 22 minute video provides general awareness and function-specific information needed to ship infectious and biological specimens. Furthermore, this program helps meet the biannual training requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT), the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), and the College of American Pathologist (CAP) requirement for certified training.

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Continuing Education Credits


  • State the location of the Category A infectious substances list
  • Describe a certified package
  • Differentiate between packaging and labeling of infectious and biological substances
  • List the shipper’s responsibilities
  • List the carrier’s responsibilities
  • Describe four shipping limitations
  • State the UN numbers for infectious substances, biological substances and dry ice
  • Correctly label boxes for shipping infectious substances, biological substances and specimens shipped with dry ice

Additional Information

Level of instruction: Basic

Intended Audience: Healthcare personnel and other professional personnel who need to properly package and ship infectious and biological substances.
Author Information:  Terry Jo Gile, MT(ASCP)MA Ed. "The Safety Lady™ " has over 25 years experience as a laboratory safety officer. Her consulting firm, Safety Lady LLC, conducts seminars and workshops worldwide on proper implementation of OSHA, DOT, and IATA regulations. Author of ten books and twelve CD / DVD training programs, she can be reached through her website at

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