Effective Education for Medical Courier Excellence - Video Course (by Safety Lady, LLC) (Online Course)

Terry Jo Gile, MT(ASCP) MA Ed and Helen C. Ogden-Grable, MT(ASCP) PBT

In today's competitive outreach market, your organization needs to deliver value to your clients. A well-educated courier that provides excellent customer service helps set you apart from your competitors.

This program is designed as an orientation or refresher course for your couriers. It will provide them with the information necessary to provide a five-star courier service.

This course consists of a 40-minute video that addresses the education a courier needs to become successful in the job, including administrative policies, confidentiality, dress code, specimen integrity, and ergonomics, in addition to personal and driving safety.

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Continuing Education Credits


  • Understand the scope and importance of the work of medical couriers
  • Discuss the principles of customer service excellence and how they relate to successful courier employee performance
  • Discuss the need for effective communication with supervisors, colleagues and clients
  • Select appropriate personal protective equipment and demonstrate its use
  • Discuss the safe handling of all types of specimens during pickup, transport and delivery
  • Describe the various types of specimens collected from patients
  • Discuss the impact of temperature and light on certain specimens
  • Understand the importance of specimen documentation and tracking
  • Describe the impact that careless handling has on specimen quality and negative patient outcomes
  • Verify vehicle safety knowledge and the rules of strategic defensive driving

Additional Information

Level of instruction: Basic

Intended Audience: Couriers
Author Information:
Terry Jo Gile, MT(ASCP) MA Ed. "The Safety Lady™ " has over 25 years experience as a laboratory safety officer. Her consulting firm, Safety Lady LLC, conducts seminars and workshops worldwide on proper implementation of OSHA, DOT, and IATA regulations. Author of ten books and twelve CD / DVD training programs, she can be reached through her website at www.safetylady.com.
Helen C. Ogden-Grable, MT(ASCP) PBT has over 20 years of experience as a laboratory supervisor, educator, and safety officer. She has presented numerous audio teleconferences and workshops. She has written many articles on phlebotomy and various laboratory disciplines. She was instrumental in developing a courier education program for several laboratories.

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