Parasitology Case Studies: Protozoa in Blood (by ASCLS) (Online Course)

Lynda Britton

Protozoan parasites are rarely found in blood smears. This course demonstrates cases of malaria including Plasmodium knowlesi, trypanosomiasis, and babesiosis. It will be of interest to hematologists as well as microbiologists.

This presentation explores 5 parasitology case studies by including patient information, slides, and an explanation of each causative parasite with test identification and epidemiology.

Online screens are easy to navigate and a table of contents is available to help return to previous information. Learn at your own pace – the online system automatically bookmarks progress - resume at any time, from any computer.

Earn 1 hour of P.A.C.E.® - credit after viewing the course and successfully completing a quiz. Instructions to print a P.A.C.E.® certificate from the ASCLS CE Organizer will be provided.

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Continuing Education Credits


  • Discuss the laboratory diagnosis of each parasite in the cases.
  • Describe the epidemiology of select protozoan parasites
  • Solve protozoan cases.

Course Outline

  • Case 1
      • Case 1
      • Blood Smears
      • What is the probable diagnosis based on the blood smear?
      • Plamodium falciparum
      • Life Cycle
      • Worldwide Epidemiology
      • U. S. Epidemiology
      • U. S. Cases by State
      • U.S. Cases by Region and Species
      • Plasmodium falciparum Disease
      • Diagnosis of Malaria
      • Rapid Diagnostic Test
      • Diagnosis: Comparison of Species
      • Resolution of Case
  • Case 2
      • Case 2A
      • Selected Laboratory Results Case 2A
      • Case 2B: U.S. Case
      • Blood Smears Case 2 B
      • Case 2B
      • Plasmodium knowlesi
      • Plasmodium knowlesi
      • Comparison of P. knowlesi with P. malariae and P. falciparum
      • Resolution of Case 2A
      • Other Simian Malaria Species
  • Case 3
      • Case 3
      • Blood Smear
      • Which parasite found in the blood is typical of these findings?
      • Babesia
      • Map of Babesia Cases in U.S.
      • Life Cycle of Babesia microti
      • Babesia microti
      • Epidemiology of Babesia microti
      • Babesiosis Symptoms
      • Laboratory Diagnosis
      • Babesia Infection from Blood Transfusion
      • Congenital Babesiosis Case
      • Congenital Babesia Resolution
      • Prevention of Babesiosis
  • Case 4
      • Case 4
      • Blood Smear for Case 4
      • Which parasite was most likely to be found in his blood?
      • Trypanosoma brucei
      • Epidemiology of T. brucei
      • Life Cycle of T. brucei
      • Symptoms of Trypanosomiasis (AKA "African Sleeping Sickness")
      • Laboratory Diagnosis
      • Resolution of Case 4
    • Another Trypanosoma Case
      • Case of Indian Trypanosomiasis
      • Trypanosoma evansi
      • Trypanosoma evansi Morphology
      • New Pathogen or Accidental Exposure?
  • Case 5
      • Case 5
      • Blood Smear
      • Based on the case presentation, which parasite do you suspect?
      • Trypanosoma cruzi
      • Life Cycle of Trypanosoma cruzi
      • Epidemiology
      • Trypanosoma cruzi in U.S.
      • Acute Chagas Disease
      • Chronic Chagas Disease
      • Laboratory Diagnosis
      • Case 5 More History
      • Blood Transfusions and T. cruzi
      • Congenital Chagas Disease Case
      • Chagas Disease from Organ Transplant

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