MediaLab and LabCE Advisory Board Member

Kevin F. Foley, PhD, MT, SC

Head of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department, Northern Michigan University

Kevin F. Foley, PhD, MT, SC earned his B.S. degree in History and Political Science before going on to complete additional courses and a one-year clinical internship in Medical Technology, earning ASCP certification as a medical technologist with further certification as a specialist in clinical chemistry. Following this training, Kevin earned his PhD in clinical pharmacology and toxicology at East Carolina School of Medicine in North Carolina. He then worked over four years as an assistant professor at the University of Vermont in the Departments of Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences as well and Pharmacology. Kevin then went on to train and work as an assistant professor and clinical chemist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota before taking his current position as head of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department at Northern Michigan University. Kevin has taught pharmacology, clinical chemistry, immunology and medicinal chemistry courses. His research areas include cardiovascular risk and inflammation markers as well as the neuropharmacology of amphetamine-like compounds. Kevin is very active in the American Association of Clinical Chemistry. During his career he has taught undergraduate, graduate, medical students and fellows.

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