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Cerebrospinal Fluid (retired 7/17/2012)
Safety Precautions

Important safety precautions must be observed when handling cerebrospinal fluid. The following guidelines apply:Semi-automatic micropipettes and disposable plastic chambers are the safest option for CSF testing. Many laboratories still use the hemacytometer with disposable pipets.If disposable materials are not used, soak contaminated reusable pipets, hemacytometer and coverslip in 70% alcohol or Wexide.All disposable items should be placed in a biohazard container for appropriate disposal.Wash hands thoroughly when the examination is completed.Spinal fluids which are to be discarded must be placed in biohazard containers for appropriate disposal.Careful attention to specimen processing and handling will help ensure that accurate results are obtained.

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Semen Analysis
Safety Precautions

Safety precautions should be observed when handling seminal fluid. The following guidelines should be followed:If non-disposable items are used, soak contaminated items(e.g., hemocytometers and coverslips) in 70% alcohol or other appropriate decontaminate.All disposable items should be placed in a biohazard bag.Non-latex or powder-free latex disposable gloves must be worn and hands thoroughly washed when the examination is completed.Seminal fluids that are to be discarded should be placed in biohazard bags.

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