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Sample Page

The page below is a sample from the MediaLab course, Body Fluid Differential Tutorial.

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Lymphocytes vs. Monocytes

Lymphocytes, for the most part, have a more regular cytoplasmic border without the cytoplasmic blebbing and pseudopods that are present in monocytes.

Observe the differences in character of the cytoplasm between the two cell types. Both cells have blue cytoplasm, however the monocyte (red arrow) has a grainy, gritty texture that is absent in the lymphocytes. In addition, there are fine red cytoplasmic granules present in the monocyte that are not apparent in the lymphocytes.

Notice the relatively regular nuclear shape of the lymphocytes (blue arrow) versus the more complex nuclear shape of the larger monocyte. There is also a difference in the texture of the chromatin between the two cell types. The lymphocyte chromatin is more dense and clumped.



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