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Sample Page

The page below is a sample from the MediaLab course, Antinuclear Antibody Testing: Methods and Pattern Interpretation.

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Homogeneous and Speckled

This is an example of a mix of homogeneous and speckled ANA patterns.

In this sample notice the Speckled ANA is the dominant pattern in the interphase cells (a) and specklingis also seen outside of the chromosomal area of the mitotics (b).

Also notice the smooth staining of the chromosomal area of the metaphase mitotic cells (c). This represents the presence of a homogeneous ANA pattern.

In cases of mixed homogeneous and speckled ANAs follow-up testing for anti-dsDNA and anti-ENA antibodies is necessary.

When mixed patterns are titered, the endpoint for each pattern is reported.

This pattern is reported as ANA positive, Homogeneous and Speckled; titering is necessary.

Homogeneous and Speckled:

Interphase cells

  • Often more speckled than homogeneous
  • Nucleoli may or may not stain

Metaphase mitotic cells

  • Smooth staining of the chromosomal region
  • Region outside of the chromosome area will stain with variable intensity



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