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Sample Page

The page below is a sample from the MediaLab course, Dermal Puncture and Capillary Blood Collection.

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Order of Draw

The order of draw for a capillary blood collection is slightly different than the order of draw for a venous blood collection.

If capillary blood gases are ordered, they are drawn first to avoid introduction of room air as much as possible.

A specimen for blood count is collected before tubes containing other anticoagulants and additives. This is to ensure that the blood will not begin to clot before this specimen is collected; clots will affect the accuracy of the blood count.

The following order of draw is commonly used:




Lavender topEDTAFor hematology blood counts
Green top Lithium heparinTests that require a heparinized plasma sample


Other tubes containing anticoagulants


Red or gold topClot activatorTests that require a serum sample
Red top

No additive

Tests that require a serum sample but clot activator and/or gel may affect test



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