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Sample Page

The page below is a sample from the MediaLab course, Department of Transportation (DOT) Federally Regulated Urine Specimen Collection Training.

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Fatal Flaws and Correctable Flaws

Fatal Flaws

It is important to remember that the following are fatal flaws and can cause the specimen not to be tested:

  1. Number on Custody and Control Form and security strips do not match.
  2. Security strip on the specimen vial is broken or shows evidence of tampering.
  3. Quantity of urine needed is not sufficient.
  4. There is no printed collector's name or signature.

Correctable Flaws

The following are flaws that may be corrected by either sending a signed statement or a Memorandum for Record to the laboratory:

  1. The collector printed his or her name, but forgot to sign the CCF.
  2. The collector checked the temperature of the specimen, but forgot to note this fact on the CCF.



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