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The page below is a sample from the MediaLab course, Beta Thalassemia.

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Hemoglobin electrophoresis patterns in Beta thalassemia

The following list corresponds to this image of an alkaline hemoglobin electrophoresis.

Lanes 1 and 2: normal patient specimen
Hb A is over 98% with a small amount of Hb A2 visible

Lanes 3 and 4: Beta thalassemia minor
Hb A is decreased to 94%, Hb A2 is increased at 5%, and Hb F is 1%

Lanes 5 and 6: Delta-beta thalassemia major
No Hb A or A2 is present, Hb F is 100%

Lanes 7 & 8: Delta-beta thalassemia intermedia
Hb A is 8.5%, Hb A2 is 3.5% and Hb F is 88%

Lane 9: AF control
Lane 10: ASC control

(Remember, AF and ASC are labels and do not indicate the order of migration.)



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