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The page below is a sample from the MediaLab course, Introduction to the ABO Blood Group System.

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The H gene

Three separate loci (ABO, Hh, and Se) contain the genes that control the location and occurrence of the A and B antigens. Hh and Se genes are closely linked on chromosome 19. The precursor substance is acted upon by the H gene and is converted to H substance. The product of the H gene is an enzyme fucosyltransferase, responsible for attaching fucose to the terminal galactose of the precursor substance on the RBC membrane and thus forming H substance. There are only two recognized alleles at this locus: the active form, H, and an amorph, h. The H gene is a high-incidence gene. People who inherit hh are extremely rare. Since the h gene is amorphic, it does not act on the precursor substance.



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