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Red Cell Morphology
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Teardrop Cells, continued

Conditions in which teardrop cells can be found include myelofibrosis/myeloid metaplasia, bone marrow metastases, thalassemias, and anemias causing Heinz body formation. Dacryocytes are not diagnostically indicative of any specific condition.

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Synonyms for Dacrocytes

The synonym for a dacryocyte is a tear drop cell.

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Teardrop Cells (Dacrocytes)

Teardrop cells (Dacrocytes) are thought to form as a result of the removal of an inclusion from the cell as it moves through the spleen. This process is referred to as pitting. Since red cells are quite flexible and usually return to their normal shape following pitting, it has been theorized that in this case the membrane may have been stretched too far and thus cannot return to its original shape. The arrows in this image point to several teardrop cells.

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Two slightly larger fragments can be seen in this slide. One is lower center, and the other is lower right. Two dacryocytes or teardrop cells are seen in the upper center. Several ovalocytes are also present in this field. Schistocytes are seen in the same conditions as keratocytes and have a short survival time in circulation. Schistocytes have somewhat more clinical significance than keratocytes.

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